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Expert Tips - How to make your device's battery lifespan longer

Expert Tips - How to make your battery last longer.


Expert Tip 1 - Dim the (blue) lights.

A simple way to save your precious battery life is by adjusting the screen brightness. It will save your eyes too and help you sleep better at night.


Expert Tip 2 - Cut down on video watching.

Processing video content is a huge drainer of phone power.


Expert Tip 3 - Use your smart battery mode.

All smartphones have one, so put it to use for the sake of your battery. Power Saving Mode on Android and Low Power Mode on iOS.


Expert Tip 4 - Utilise airplane mode.

Whenever possible switch your phone to airplane mode to save your battery, it turns off the following functions - WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and GSM. Your phone will uses 3 times less power than when you leave it idle. It's an easy win at bedtime or when you know there's no cellular network or WiFi around.


Expert Tip 5 - Use Wifi over 4G/5G whenever possible.

Wifi uses 40% less power than 4G when surfing the web. If your mobile data is painful slow flick it off and save your battery, your phone will run itself into the ground searching for signal that's not there!


Expert Tip 6 - Location, location, location.

If your location services/GPS are constantly on your apps are all clambering and updating your location - weather, news and social media apps want to know where you are!


Expert Tip 7 - Check your phones temperature.

Your phone does not like extremes of either hot or cold and these extremes can shorten the lifespan of your battery. Your car can be an oven or fridge depending on the time of year, so avoid leaving your phone there.


Expert Tip 8 - Lower your screen timeout time.

Change your sleep/auto-lock to 30 or 15 seconds when possible to save some juice.


Expert Tip 9 - Give your phone the silent treatment.

Annoying sounds, ringtones and vibrations aren't just irritating you and the people around you, they are also taking a toll on your battery, so keep your phone on silent (or a very low vibrate) when you can.


Expert Tip 10 - Stop it 'appening.

Disable the power draining apps when they're not in use. A lot of apps are constantly refreshing and are weighing heavy on your battery for hours and days on end.


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