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By repairing and recycling tens of thousands of devices annually, Fónfix plays a vital role in reducing the overwhelming volume of harmful electronic waste (e-waste) that pollutes our landfills. By extending the lifespan of technology, Fónfix not only helps to preserve the environment but also ensures that your devices serve you for longer. This creates a mutually beneficial situation where both you and the planet win.


Repairs Annually

2800 Tonnes

CO2 Saved Annually*


Recycled or Reused


In Landfill

*According to a study by iFixit, repairing a smartphone rather than replacing it can reduce its carbon footprint by an average of 28 kg CO2 equivalent.

Think Repair, Not Replace

Mobile phones are the most common electronic device in the world and they are also the most frequently replaced. We need to change the way we consume and dispose of our electronics to reduce e-waste and protect our planet.

Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Director of International Trade at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. (Source: UN News, 2021)

Extend the lifespan of your device with a manufacturer approved repair.

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What Fónfix can do for your Business

Fónfix can help you reach your green and ESG goals with help along every step of your device's lifecycle from procurement to trade-in or responsible recycling/reuse.

We Repair and Refurbish

We Recycle and Repurpose

We Resell and Redistribute

Manufacturer Approved Repairs

All repairs are completed using only genuine OEM parts and approved tools. Our highly experienced engineers are manufacturer trained. Our repair work is covered by manufacturer warranties.

Bulk Corporate Trade-in

Meeting the ever-growing needs of the mobile phone industry to reduce electronic waste and to invest in re-commerce solutions, Fónua have developed a number of bespoke trade-in and buy-back solutions for business customers.

Forensic Data Wipe

Our mobile device data wipe solution ensures that any handsets or tablets with confidential information attached, is wiped securely as quickly and effectively as possible. It means that all data is permanently removed from that device.

Responsible Reuse or Recycling

Our aim is always to extent the lifespan of devices. We achieve this by refurbishing, reselling and repurposing parts. Devices for recycling will always meet the strict environmental standards adhered to by our certified recycling partners KMK Metals and WEEE Ireland.

Circular Economy

A circular economy involves maximising the use of existing materials and products through reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling.

Fónfix's business model is centered around the principles of the Circular Economy, which prioritise reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials to avoid unnecessary waste. This approach diverges from the Linear Economy's lifecycle that often results in the wastage of functional components. Despite this, Fónfix believes that it is still possible to benefit from technological advancements and innovations while remaining environmentally sustainable.

Fónfix is committed to maximising the re-use value of all redundant IT assets, whether by refurbishing them for their original purpose or utilising their individual parts. These assets can be re-used by their original owners, sold to secondary users or donated to charitable organisations. When these assets eventually reach their End of Life (EOL), Fónfix advocates for their recycling in line with the best environmental practices (WEEE Ireland members), with nothing becoming electronic waste (e-waste) or being sent to landfills.

By promoting the environmental and sustainable use of IT assets for businesses and consumers, the Circular Economy plays a critical role in our global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions. Fónfix wholeheartedly supports this goal.

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