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Forget the Dodgy Repairs Shops: Why Approved Repair is Now Faster, Cheaper, and Better for Your Phone

Have you ever cracked your phone screen and dreaded the cost and hassle of getting it fixed? Traditionally, high street third party repair shops seemed like the quickest and cheapest option. However, the landscape of phone repair is changing, and approved repair services like Fónfix are now offering faster, more affordable, and environmentally friendly solutions – thanks in part to increased consumer demand for repairable devices - the right to repair movement.

Samsung has revamped its phone screen repair process, prioritising environmental sustainability by using less parts, thereby reducing costs. This shift has impacted high-street repair stores, as Samsung no longer manufactures complete screens, making sourcing parts more challenging and extending their repair times.

Here's why ditching the high street third party repair shop approach might be the smarter choice for your next phone repair:

Lower costs: Contrary to popular belief, authorised repair providers like Fónfix can often offer competitive pricing compared to independent shops. With the recent shift in how manufacturers like Samsung distribute parts, approved repairers can access official components at lower costs, translating to savings for you. For example, a Samsung S23 Ultra screen repair could cost you up to €550 at a high street shop, while Fónfix offers the same repair for €247!
Faster turnaround times: Thanks to direct access to official parts and established repair processes, Fónfix boasts walk-in services with a 2-3 hour turnaround time in five locations across Ireland, same day courier collection in Dublin or next day collection country wide using An Post. This eliminates the waiting game often associated with sourcing parts through independent repair shops.
Environmentally conscious repairs: Approved repair partners often utilise environmentally sustainable practices. For instance, Samsung's new screen repair method uses fewer parts, reducing waste. Choosing approved repair contributes to a more circular economy and minimises your phone's environmental impact.
Official repairs, guaranteed quality: Getting your phone repaired through an approved service provider ensures the repair adheres to the manufacturer's guidelines and maintains your device's warranty. This means you can rest assured that your phone is fixed using high-quality, officially sanctioned parts, safeguarding its functionality and data security.

    Don't settle for slower, more expensive repairs with questionable quality. Take control of your phone's fate and explore the benefits of approved repair. Book your manufacturer approved repair here.

    After 2 days of calling other phone shops and being told it will cost 380€ and to use Fónfix for 240€ instead, I requested the repair, phone got collected the next day by postman for free, arrived in shop the day after, fixed the day after and sent back to me the day after, all automated, got texts and emails every day, phone came back good as new, was hassle free, and 140€ cheaper. - Tom Priestley ★★★★★ Google Review

    Firstly the price to fix my S20 was over 50 euros cheaper than any other shop I checked out OR online service. They were quick, with great communication every step of the way too. Overall an excellent service. - Jennifer Maher ★★★★★ Google Review