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No fault found check list

Unfortunately, we have been unable to replicate the reported fault(s) with your handset. Following extensive testing I can report that your handset meets all manufacturer specifications. If you have any further problems with your handset please return to us with a full description of the outstanding fault.

Power / Charging:
• Unit powers up
• Battery charging
• Battery impedance
• Battery capacity
• Check charging port for dirt / dust
• Charger (if supplied)

• Wi-Fi /Bluetooth test
• network signal strength
• Signal on other networks
• Live calls
• Mic / Earpiece audio quality

User Interface:
• Unit is assembled correctly correctly.
• Check for dust etc. inside lens
• All pixels in display are working
• Touch sensitivity
• All LEDs are lighting
• Ringer / Vibrate
• Picture quality on camera (front and rear)
• Fingerprint recognition