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iPhone XR repairs: Screen replacement, Software Fault/Service, Battery replacement, Charging Port replacement, Audio repair, Rear Camera repair/replacement Front, Camera/Proximity Sensor repair/replacement, Screen & Battery replacement

iPhone XR Repair


Choose Fault: Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade
Software Upgrade
Screen Replacement
Top quality iPhone XR repairs, our expert technicians provide iPhone XR screen replacements and a wide range of other repairs.
How to book an iPhone XR repair:
  • Select your fault and add to cart
  • Select repair option in cart
    • Nationwide Collection or Drop Off
    • Dublin City Same Day
    • In-store appointment booking
  • Enter your details and complete payment

About our iPhone repairs:

  • While our iPhone repairs are not Apple approved, we only use premium quality parts for our Apple product repair service
  • 12 month warranty on parts replaced
  • Complete quality and functionality tests on all repairs

Our iPhone XR repairs:

  • Screen replacement
  • Software Fault/Service
  • Rear Camera repair/replacement

Device under warranty?

Please note that cosmetically damaged devices cannot be repaired under the manufacturer warranty.